We the Kitti Community Mobilization for Environmental Preservation encourage community efforts to salvage and revive our environment and ecosystems. However, we also know that communities are a collection of individuals. So, like bees making a bee hive, or termites building a termite kingdom, each individual has a role to play.

Trees and wetlands exist wherever you are. Take responsibility to plant a tree each day, or each week. Tell others about the importance of the tree they are about to cut. Encourage them not only not to cut, that tree, but also to plant more.

That wetland in your community, reclaim it from getting used for anything other than staying a wetland. Find some wetland friendly activities which will not dry out wetlands  If possible, leave wetlands alone. Let wetlands stay wet.

We also acknowledge forests and wetlands have been encroached on as individuals seek a means of livelihood. For people to reforest and to reclaim wetlands, to leave forests be forests and wetlands be wetlands, another means of livelihood has to be in place. This is one area you can come in and we partner together.

If you are, know of organizations that fund environmental causes, let’s connect to provide tree seedlings, and seek out incentives we can offer to individuals and communities in the form of alternatives to cutting trees and utilizing wetlands.