ABOUT US           

We are Kitti Community Mobilization for Environmental Preservation (KICOMEP); a community based environmental group committed to working together to educate, motivate, and incentivize communities toward an understanding of the importance of preserving trees and wetlands today and tomorrow through reforestation and wetland reclamation in seeking to secure our future.


Working with individuals, communities,  community leaders , and our partners to educate, motivate, and incentivize  reforestation and wetland reclamation on local, national, and regional levels , to mitigate the impacts of deforestation and wetland encroachment on climate, destabilization of local  weather patterns, and economies.


As humans, we exist, thrive, procreate, and survive in only one space in the entire universe. The planet earth. Sadly, human activities are critically endangering our existence now, and much more our future existence on planet earth.

Though some of our reckless activities we are setting our universal house, planet earth on fire. Our activities are slow cooking earth, making it dangerously warm. This trend is getting worse each passing day. It’s urgent to urgently take mitigation actions.

The natural environment, especially trees and wetlands, which are crucial to balancing earth’s ecosystems are chronically mismanaged, encroached on, and destroyed.

Resultantly, our house is heating up beyond what it should be, the northern and southern ice caps which control both sea levels and weather, are melting, resulting in rising sea levels .

Globally weather is exhibiting its extremes, with some places getting more rain and flooding, while others get less rain with the resultant draughts. Desertification is on the rise as well.

Global food supplies are disrupted, and famine more frequent.

We, the Kitti Community Mobilization for Environmental Preservation (KICOMEP) , in partnership with Greener Landscapes Inc (GRELASCA), urge you to join us in addressing environmental and climate concerns through the promotion education, revitalization, and incentivization of local communities toward reforestation and restoration of wetlands.

We urge for a community effort in preserving, reclaiming, and reviving our forests and wetlands as we strive to reestablish a balance in our natural ecosystems to reduce and control the burning of our only home, planet earth, thereby ensuring continued human survival on earth. Each one of us can make a difference. Come let’s join hands.



 We feel you thinking “We have already gone too far. It’s too late to change anything” Better is the guilt of trying and failing, than that of failing to try. The reality is that the time to act is today. It’s further waiting to act that may prove detrimental. We aren’t yet falling over the cliff. Come let’s put our heads, hands, and feet together. We can do this.